Hamam Khan Cushion

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The fabric used in HAMAM KHAN was made out of an unexpected experimentation. Inspired by the bathhouse culture of Iran, we set to reinterpret Iran’s most quintessential bath towel, called “Long”. The result of our adventurous endeavors is an original fabric made from the warp of a “Long,” mixed up with colorful hand-dyed Ikat yarns in the weft.

  • Multi Color


Inspired by the bathhouse culture of Iran, the HAMAM KHAN is a reinterpretation of Iran’s most quintessential bath towel, a thin, yet highly absorbent red cloth with black and white stripes, called the “Long”. We used the same warp as a “Long” and mixed it up with colorful hand-dyed Ikat yarns. The city of Yazd is known for its Ikat textiles, which is where we started to experiment with the centuries old tradition. Ikat is a traditional dyeing technique meaning “to bind” in the Indonesian language. A so-called resist is formed by binding yarns with a tight wrapping in order to create patterned textiles. The bindings are altered to create the desired pattern and then dyed again with another color, a process that can be repeated many times. The most characteristic trait of an Ikat fabric is the beautiful blurry look.


Materials & Care

• Hand wash with cold water or dry clean.
• Front: cotton, viscose, and polyester blend fabric. Back: 100% cotton.


• Backside buttons are sewn by hand, and are less likely to come undone.
• Custom-made cushion insert with fine hypoallergenic polyester filling.
• Handmade tassels on corners give a special detail to the piece.
• Embroidery is lined with a cotton voile fabric to protect the stiches from wear and tear.
• Item comes with a multi-purpose tassel. Handmade of course!


60 x 60 cm

Country of Origin

Fabrics from Yazd and Isfahan, Iran. Sewn and finished in Tehran.


Ikat yarn-dying by hand


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