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  • Sourcing raw materials is our biggest challenge in Iran. Sanctions and inflation are the obstacles. But at Laneh we find a way. These cushions are made using fine 100% linen fabric woven in a 100 year old Italian mill. #persianstyleglobalspirit

تهيه مواد اوليه باكيفيت تو ايران با اين شرايط بسيارى دشوار هست ولى ما راهش را پيدا مى‌کنیم و در این مورد بی‌نظیر هستیم. این کوسن ها از لینن صد در صد بافت ایتالیا درست شده‌اند
  • In Baluchi embroidery the craftswoman is an artist who creates designs from colors and infinite geometric possibilities. This design was created by one of our artisan partners using only some guidance in color. Its totally original and shows the pure talent of the artisan. It makes us so happy to help these women discover and cultivate their talents and to show it to the world. #embroideryart
  • We are starting out small, but our dreams are big. For now, we offer a limited selection of Laneh products online. Some of our items will continue to only be sold in Iran. Our sales will all happen through our limited liability company based in Switzerland, where our storage is also based. Delivery is also limited to the EU countries, Switzerland, and the UK. This is only temporary. With time, we will offer more products to more countries. Visit our website to pre-order your Persian gems today. Link in bio

ما الان در ابتدای راهیم و درحال‌حاضر با یک سری محدودیت کار خواهیم کرد، از جمله اینکه همه محصولات‌مان را نمی‌توانیم در خارج از ایران بفروشیم. اما رویاهای بزرگ‌مان ما را به جلو می‌برد و آرزو داریم که به‌زودی بتوانیم محصولات را در دیگر کشورها هم ارايه دهیم
  • Laneh was founded out of a deep love for Iran, its folk traditions, and centuries-old handicrafts. We can’t help but want to share this love with the rest of the world. Through our new e-shop you can buy our products in Europe (more regions soon) so that the beauty and craftsmanship of Iran can once again be experienced outside its borders. In the process, we also hope to share the stories of the PEOPLE behind the work. Their spirits are extraordinary and it’s about time things got real. #noexotifying

بنیان لانه از عشق به ایران، با الهام از هنر، صنایع‌دستی، سنت‌های فولکلور و فرهنگ شاعرانه و بومی آن سرچشمه می‌گیرد. ما می‌خواهیم عشق‌مان به ایران را در دنیا به رخ بکشیم و وب‌سایت جدیدمان قرار است ما را به این آرزو نزدیک‌تر کند. این وب‌سایت برای خرید در کشورهای اروپایی‌ست، اما امیدواریم در آینده بتوانیم به دیگر نقاط دنیا هم فروش داشته باشیم