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  • Sage/ Orange Noor editioned cushion with intense Baluchi embroidery and mirrors
  • Close up detail of Sage/ Orange Noor editioned cushion with intense Baluchi embroidery
  • Sage/ Orange colorful Noor editioned cushion with intense Baluchi embroidery
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Noor Cushion - Limited Edition

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“Noor” means light in Persian and references the intricate hand-embroidered mirrors, which embellish this statement piece. Part of our Editioned collection, a labor-intensive needlework technique is used in which the entire surface of the fabric is embroidered following the weave of the fabric. The result will look like a bee-hive. Afterwards contrasting colors are layered on top to fill up the empty spaces. Two or three layers later, not a single trace of the fabric’s surface can be seen. It takes one master artisan four weeks to craft this cushion.


Dry clean or spot clean with damp cloth.


40 x 40 cm


Front: Fully embroidered with acrylic and viscose yarns; Back: 100% silk; European duck feather filling.

A Baluchi woman embroidering a cushion

Crafting heirloom pieces

At Laneh, we want to create memorable products that will last years, even decades, to come. In achieving this aim, raw materials and design are the magic ingredients. That’s why we spend months sourcing materials and scouting reliable artisan partners. We go deep in our study of traditional techniques, folk art, motifs, and inspirations in order to uncover their inner meanings and create new designs that are both contemporary and authentic at the same time.