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  • Nile Blue Persian Garden coaster set with Baluchi embroidery inside a white Laneh box
  • Nile Blue Persian Garden coaster set with Baluchi embroidery on a breakfast table
  • 4 Nile Blue Persian Garden coasters with Baluchi embroidery
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Persian Garden Coaster Set

Set of Four

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Artistically embroidered by hand, the story behind this simple yet timeless design goes back to ancient Persia, when the Persians were known as the gardeners of the world. To them the garden was seen as an earthly representation of the divine garden of Eden. An idea that would go on to inspire the creation of heavenly landscapes all around the world, from Alhambra in Spain, to the Taj Mahal in India. In the arts and crafts, this legacy has always been a great source of inspiration for artists who would weave their personal dreams and visions of paradise into their works. A quintessentially Persian design, full of history and meaning!


Hand wash with cold water or spot clean.


10 x 10 cm (set of 4)


Premium Italian cotton fabric embroidered with acrylic and viscose yarns.

a woman picking colorful yarns from a shelf

Supporting women artisans

The techniques used to craft this item were passed down by generations of women from the Baluchi tribe, living in the barren and mountainous lands where the three countries of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan meet. This ancient craft plays an important role in the daily life of women, who use an array of embroidery stitches to personalize their exquisitely embroidered dresses with traditional patterns. Geometric patterns are combined with symbolic motifs that represent the dreams and identity of the woman maker.